Founded in March 2001 by Catherine Bassompiere and Teresa Cooper-Kislik, the Women's Professional Networking Group (WPNG) is a multi-national group (association loi 1901) of English-speaking professional women living in Lyon and its surrounding area.

The Steering Committee

The role of the Steering Committee is to implement WPNG's Mission and fulfill its Vision for the benefit of all the members. The team runs, administrates and develops the organisation, based on WPNG's Values. The members of the Steering Committee are elected every year, during the Annual General Meeting (held in June).

Should you be interested in becoming part of the next Steering Committee or getting more information about what it involves, please do speak with one of us at the next event.

The present Steering Committee:

Mission Statement

To provide regular gatherings for Anglophone and internationally minded women of all ages in the Greater Lyon area, in order to improve their professional and human skills.

Vision statement

To be the definitive reference for Anglophone women in the Greater Lyon area for exchanging ideas, opportunities, local and cultural news and events, to benefit members, their families and communities, and professional colleagues.

To build relationships which develop professional and personal skills while adding to life's enjoyment.

To be the network that best understands and satisfies the self-fulfilment needs of internationally minded women in Lyon.

WPNG values

WPNG embraces diversity and celebrates its members' differences.

WPNG seeks to improve the self-esteem of foreign women arriving in Lyon and to support French women wanting to connect with local international women.

WPNG encourages a confident and open minded environment, where women are free to exchange ideas in an informal, genuine and empathic setting.

Code of Conduct

The WPNG Code of Conduct sets out clearly the principles of behaviour and respect that is expected of all members towards fellow members. Members are requested to approve it upon joining. You can read it here.